Craft on the modern market – conference 1

Craft on the modern market – business, passion, slow-life. For our partner Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach we prepared two lectures and a discussion with invited guests. The first part took place in Cieszyn.

The first conference: Craft on the modern market

The topic and program was so attractive, that people came from towns far from Cieszyn – Szczecin, Warszawa, Kraków, Katowice and Upper Silesia but also from Prague (CZ) and Cesky Tesin. We are very happy to have a great and big audience there with us! This is the proof that the topic is really important for a huge group of people. Also for us in Serfenta – we have a focus to work with intanginle cultural heritage and basketry craft with a strong focus to sustainable business.

We love to share our knowledge and a long experience of working with craft.

The first lecture by Urszula Szwed guided us to the world of prices on the market in a small and craft business. She talked about the value hidden in the craft product – how to calculate the price, where is the value and about the process of selling. The second lecture is preparing by Łucja Cieślar and it’s a knowledge about working with natural plant materials and the place, where craft meet design and a modern market.

At the end of the day Łukasz Szczęsny Tenka told us how design can help you in your brand strategy.

Anthropology on the modern market and in practise – a discussion

After that part Paulina Adamska was leading a discussion with a question – how ethnography can change the world and influence the modern market? With a special guests from ethnographic side – dr hab Kinga Czerwińska and Karolina Kania, and also Urszula Szwed a business advisor.

  • Is the future for ethnopologist and athropologist in a modern world?
  • How ethnography can change the world and influence the modern market?
  • Where is the place where anthropology meets AI or VR?
  • Who needs anthropologists today?

Paulina Adamska from Serfenta is also an anthropologist and the history of Serfenta started from ethnographic researches. From this the discussion started with prof. Kinga Czerwińska from Silesian Uniwersity i dr Karolina Kania who is working as a researcher with UX in a modern company plus Urszula Szwed – a business advisor. All participants were an optimists and we discovered together that the ethnographic skills are really important today in many jobs. And yes – etnography and open minds can change the world.

Zobacz skrót konferencji rzemiosło na nowoczesnym rynku/ watch on Yt

If you think that topic is interesting – let us know and invite us to your event. Or – we can prepare a special one dedicated for you, a lecture, a discussion panel or even the whole conference.

Contact us: biuro@serfenta.pl

Place od event: Wydział Sztuki i Nauk o Edukacji UŚ Etnologia i Antropologia Kulturowa w Cieszynie

Main Organiser: Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach, Silesian University

Partners: Serfenta i Tenka


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