Serfenta with basketry as a part of School of Crafts

We are a part of School of Crafts project with our Serfenta’s basketry workshop of craft experience! The leader is Zamek Cieszyn, we are happy that we can share our skills and knowledge. But not only – also our Business Model and the economisation way of Serfenta!

The Grand Opening

We are happy that we are a part of this project Szkoła Rzemiosł with Serfenta 🙂 A beautiful evening of the School of Crafts Opening! Participants full of energy, masters with smiles, everybody so excited 😊The heads of Government, Zamek Cieszyn and Cieszyn robi wrażenie were there also, we’ve been talking of the specific of our region focused on heritage. It’s so great that this huge and energetic group wants to be a part of this idea. Being connected with heritage and looking for a new ways in a modern world. Yes, this is our path.

The first basketry meeting

We have a pleasure of work with a group of amazing women in School of Crafts. Meet 8 women from the whole country who wants to give their time and energy to learn, to know more, to try, to experience weaving with us- for a year. It’s a lot of power in this women’s circle. Craft as we understand it, can gives you a lot of support, a space for being unperfect and for doing mistakes, actually we love itBut the truth is that a great women surrounded us everywhere, for us Woman’s Day is every day. 👏🎉😊 Thank you!

Crafts in the School

laces from Koniaków
riffle “Cieszynka” makeing

“School of Crafts is our response to some of the factors that operate around the world that we have been observing for a long time. Mass production, shrinking resources, disappearance of community integration, rejection of craft traditions and skills to some of them. values, give the opportunity to develop and discover skills.”

Zamek Cieszyn

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