The winner of the prestigious Europa Nostra award 2024!

The Serfenta from Poland is the winner of the prestigious Europa Nostra award 2024! Their Model of Craft Revitalisation was awarded among 26 winners from 18 countries. It’s a huge success not only for Serfenta’s team, but also for the region and for the whole Poland! The award is called an Oscar, or even a Nobel of cultural heritage.

Serfenta has been operating for over fifteen years with a modern and business approach to working with the craft. The expert’s from Serfenta designed a solution in the social innovation area, they designed the change for the basketry craft.

Craft Revitalisation Model awarded

Based on their Model of Craft Revitalisation, The Serfenta team propose modern ways of effectively and attractively transferring skills and knowledge in the area of Intangible Cultural Heritage – the award was given in the Education category. Craft experience for all was the main motto.

Solutions for the cultural heritage areas

Based on the Model, Serfenta can also design solutions for the others area of craft and cultural heritage. To solve other problems, Serfenta propose:

doing a well-done ethnographic research

designing solutions for the cultural heritage

preparing a real changes and social innovations

connecting idea with the market

The ceremony and the Public Voting

Serfenta won the hearts of experts with the scale of building social awareness and understanding of cultural heritage. Now the team is designing solutions for the other heritage ideas.

The official announcement took place in Kraków in the European Heritage Hub. The winners took a part in the discussion about preserving and promoting cultural heritage. The speech was given by professor Purchla, the Vice-President of Europa Nostra.

The winners will be honoured at the 2023 European Heritage Awards ceremony in Bucharest. There is also a voting for the special Audience Award, which will receive EUR 10,000 each. You can give your vote for Serfenta:


Europa Nostra Award

Europa Nostra is a citizens’ movement that protects and celebrates Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. In 2024 the international experts leaded by professor Jacek Purchla, the vice-President of Europa Nostra, chose 3 winners from Poland. Through 38 European countries applied to the contest, Poland is one of the most awarding country. All winners from Poland represent Silesian region, which is also unexpected.

Professor Jacek Purchla, the vice-President of Europa Nostra highlighted that in this year the level of the contest was enormously high.


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