♣ We invite you to a basketry craft experience in Serfenta. Make a BOWL/ Bread BASKET OF STRAW with us, it’s 100% natural and ecological, matching their style to any interior, it’s personal and unique.

♣ Is it the first time with basketry for you? No worries! We are experienced with workshops “fot the first time” we are sure you are going to have fun and love this! It can be a workshop for ypu and ypur friends.

♣ We weave everything completely by hand, with a large dose of heart and a hint of humor! Because this workshops is not only a beautiful item that you will take home afterwards – it’s also a nice time and relax.

♣ When the hands are working, the head is resting – this is how our workshops look like. During 5 hours of weaving together with fragrant straw and hancrafted willow stripes, you will learn a special Polish technique of working with this natural material – a sewing technique.

♣ You will use tools that are made in the locksmith’s workshop – weaving needles designed by us. The tool and a sheaf of prepared straw is included in the price od the workshop. You can buy it after workshop and continue the craft at home!

♣ We invite adults and youth fom 12 years of age. It can be also a family workshop if you want- then contact us.


Our master Paulina Adamska! She learned how to weave a straw basket from her masters Jadwiga i Krzysztof Ciemieniewicz, from Podlasie region. In love with basketry for years, a source of ideas and a friend of masters, and above all – a talented basket maker, a specialist of willow, straw and other materials. A graduate of the University of Folk Artistic Craft and a craft instructor. You must meet her personally.


When – we will contact you and we are going to chosse the date together with you.

We are going to spend 5 hours together (during one day).

Where – in our basketry center in Cieszyn, Srebrna 1 Street, Serfenta

The price is for a group of maximum 5 person.

Our offer:

- a 5-hour workshop for maximum 5 person
- a story about basketry combined with a presentation of objects and materials
- relaks and nature

- a meeting with traditional Polish basketry and the values it represents
- our own materials and tools
- professional handicraft instructors

Price: PLN 3900 net/gross

If you’d like to get some more details or place an order – call us or write us!

We  will answer all your questions:


tel.: +48 517 152 687

For designers we propose workshops about an unique material – cattail. We recommend a group workshop with theory – a knowledge about plant materials and practical part – weaving. (cattail, pałka wodna, typha latifolia).  We gathered special knowledge for many years, we know the plant, the basketry material and it’s possibilities. You will know how to wet it, how to clean it, how to collect and how to prepare it, and finally – how to weave. We recommend a basketry craft experience with us, and spending a wonderful time in the world of Polish crafts.

We are going to show you different products and techniques connected with cattail. Furthermore, we are leading workshops for Academies of Fine Arts and Design in Poland (ASP Katowice, School of Form) for many years, so we know how to work in a new, design way.

Cattail (typha latifolia)is a plant material, cut by hands in the small lakes, it is a water plant. We are preparing a dry material in a special way, which we know from our masters of basketry. During the workshop we will share a lot of knowledge about this material – how to possess it, how to prepare it. We are going to squizz it, crush it, hammer it and check it in many ways. Nowadays, only a few people are still weaving with this technique. Not only that, but we are going to use tools prepared with our local blacksmith.

During the workshop we are going to weave everything completely by hand, with a large dose of heart and with any kind of pressure. Because this workshop is not only about a beautiful item – which participants will take home afterwards – it’s also about spending a nice time together and relax.

When the hands are working, the head is resting – this is how our workshops look like. During 6 hours of weaving together, we are going to use a prepared cattail, which is a really soft and pleasant material. It has a smell of the harvest at the end of the summer. The material is 100% natural, ecological and prepared by hands.

We are experienced with workshops for people who are not crafters, so it’s a perfect proposition “for the first time” with basketry. Furthermore, we are sure that participants are going to have fun and will love Polish basketry crafts.

6 hours is enough time to know the material well, we are going to start from a cattail tray. Of course small breaks are included, we are not going to hurry, but weave in a slow rhythm. If you want to make more than this – we need more hours. 

You can also buy this material for your own experiment in our shop.

Traditionally, basket makers make bags and hats of cattail, take a look. 

Visit our workshop place in Cieszyn, slow city on the border!

For a group interested in experiments with a special plant material

For max 5 person, the workshop takes 8 hours, yes, the whole day!

Material: Prepared handcutted cattail, special tools, knifes, hammers, aprons.

Where? Cieszyn, Poland - Serfenta

Price: 3500  PLN

Write or call us:


tel: 517 152 687


Warsztaty wyplatania z wikliny z Serfentą

Slow life basketry workshop

* 16 hours of weaving

* for adults

* for organised groups – but if you need an individual workshop it is possible, please contact us

Straw, willow, bulrush – natural materials of Polish plants, common and easily accessible. How to work with them? Take part in our workshop to learn traditional weaving techniques, create your own objects to take home with you. You will spend a great time unwinding and recharging your batteries. The workshop works out best in unique peaceful places off the beaten track, surrounded by the beauty of nature. We hope these photos will encourage you to invite us:

A sample weekend workshop programme

Estimated price: PLN 4890 net/gros (up to 12 persons)

Each workshop is priced individually. If you order more workshops, discounts are possible. The price depends on the number of participants, the length of the workshop, and the travel cost.

The workshop can be organised for individual participants.

If you’d like to get some more details or place an order – call us or write us!

Anna Krężelok will answer all your questions:


tel.: +48 517 152 687

If you want to  order some different workshops fits to your needs – do not hesitate to call or write.

Paulina Adamska and Łucja Cieślar will answer all your questions:


tel: +48 507 933 191