Paulina Adamska

forever in love with handicraft, since 2008, she’s been devoted to promoting and developing basketry. At Serfenta she’s an author of research projects and handicraft instructor. She received the 2016 grant of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. She loves teaching and running workshops. In the meantime she travels the world to learn all there is about basketry.

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Łucja Cieślar

Basket making and working at Serfenta are a great adventure for her as well as a chance to explore her own traditional culture, which she’s been practising for many years and in many fields. She’s a passionate organiser and activist, keen on running workshops for kids and doing her best to keep basketry alive!

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Serfenta Urszula Szwed doradczyni biznesowa

Urszula Szwed

The business advisor, a responsible business specjalist. En expert of products and services developement – created for a strong market, based on Intangible Cultural Heritage. An ngo’s economisation procesess specialist. Trully in love with an Excell and calculating.

Daria instruktorka wyplatanie z wikliny Serfenta

Daria Czauderna

Daria is always smiling! You can meet her during willow workshops of Serfenta for children and for adults!

Norman Tighe

A talented basketmaker working with unique material – spruce roots. He learnt his skills from our master Jan Zogata. Now with us he is sharing his skills and knowledge about this amazing material. We have to say that – he is the best in our team with the English language! He is from the United Kingdom but has lived in Poland for many years. Serfenta’s instructor. 

Magdalena Kokora

An artist with all her heart and soul. When she’s not occupied with weaving, she’s a painter, designer, and dancer.

Anna Koblak

Ania is a very talented basket maker. She is leading our basketry workshops with a fantasy and flexibility. For weaving she uses straw, cattail or long grass – but not only, she is very skilled. Workshops with her is a pleasure, we recommend our workshops, join us or invite us!

Anna Krężelok

A cultural manager. At Serfenta she’s an organiser, cash-keeper, and workshop instructor. She loves weaving willow cats and speaking Spanish.