Serfenta has worked for over 16 years in the field of modern and business approach to basketry craft. The experts who create the organization, Paulina Adamska and Łucja Cieślar (together with business advisor Urszula Szwed) designed their own Business Model “Innovation model of Craft Revitalisation”. It helps to carry out the activities. Their goals include sharing, promoting, and managing knowledge about the intangible heritage of basketry. Serfenta’s activities cover workshops and expert events; talks about the meeting point between cultural anthropology, craft, and market; and bringing the craft experience to everyone. They teach those, who then teach others to spread the knowledge and skills of the basketry.

Our Association Serfenta is one of three Polish NGOs that is accredited by UNESCO. In 2022, they received the Jeonju International Award for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage (JIAPICH), with strong focus on sustainable business. The organization is also a finalist of New European Bauhaus Award 2023 with the “Innovation Model of Craft Revitalisation”.



We’ve started from deep research. We’ve crossed thousands of kilometres and spent hours on meetings and conversations to to discover why basketry is awesome and how it is done. We’ve learned basketry techniques and materials from Germany, Iceland, Norway, Japan, and South Korea. We’ve travelled around Poland to map local basketry. We’ve gained unique knowledge from basketry masters who are ever more difficult to encounter. If you wish to find out more about our adventures, read our book “Baskets” or check our audiovisual archive.

In the next step, we designed our ICH base in the process of design thinking. The process based on deep understanding of users needs. We created, we discovered how to desing a new product and new services in cooperation between designer - craftsman – market. We created, and we still create new ways for tradition in a modern world.

Business where the idea and passion meets a market. After 15 years of experience – now we have the know-how. We can teach you, we want to share our knowledge about ICH and modern market. Also here you can find the real effects of our work - products and services, like workshops, baskets and more.

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We want to share with you our knowledge about research:

  • how to design a research process for craft, including mapping
  • how to research craft in your country
  • case study of basketry research (Polish example)

  • how to research ICH (case study – basketry)
  • how to cooperate with traditional masters


Design thinking is a process based on deep understanding of users needs. We are finding a new ways for tradition and we want to share with you the knowledge:

  • how to desing a new product and a new services: cooperation between designer – craftsman – market
  • case study of Serfenta – modern face of basketry

  • how to design a teaching process dedicated for a craftsman / craft /ICH
  • how to design an attractive, modern workshop
  • how to design a storytelling about craftmanship


Where the idea and passion meets a market. After 15 years of experience – now we have the know-how. Business – our knowledge which we want to share:

  • how to attractively communicate about the craft – services & products
  • how to price a craft product
  • how to sell the crafts abroad
  • our cooperation with other countries
    (case study)

  • consulting, debate, conference about the craftsmanship & market

We can prepare it especcialy for your event – online or offline.

Also here you can find the real effects of our business model – products and services



  • tutorial films
  • redesigned tools