Revitalisation Model at Masovian Heritage Forum

We took a part as an expert in the Masovian Heritage Forum – the III rd edition. Paulina presented our (awarded by Europa Nostra) Craft Revitalisation Model.

We have developed our solutions for the basketry craft, but the model can be applied more broadly to other areas of cultural heritage. Therefore, on its basis we can design services based on heritage and propose social innovations.

Craft Revitalisation Model.

Based on their Model of Craft Revitalisation, The Serfenta team propose modern ways of effectively and attractively transferring skills and knowledge in the area of Intangible Cultural Heritage – the award was given in the Education category.

Based on the Model, Serfenta can also design solutions for the others area of craft and cultural heritage. To solve other problems, Serfenta propose:

– doing a well-done ethnographic research

– designing solutions for the heritage area

– preparing a real changes and social innovations

– connecting ideas with the market

Designing solutions for the heritage area

Thank to the hosts for the invitation, if you also want to hear about the Revitalization Model for heritage – invite us to your event!

And if you need a support in your area or activity – write to us, we can also suggest solutions and even design it for you.

Thanks to hosts

Thank you for inviting us to the Heritage Forum:

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Mazowieckiego

Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej w Sierpcu

Hotel Skansen Conference & SPA

Serfenta’s news

The Serfenta from Poland is the winner of the prestigious Europa Nostra award 2024! Their Model of Craft Revitalisation was awarded among 26 winners from 18 countries. It’s a huge success not only for Serfenta’s team, but also for the region and for the whole Poland! The award is called an Oscar, or even a Nobel of cultural heritage.

Serfenta has been operating for over fifteen years with a modern and business approach to working with the craft. The expert’s from Serfenta designed a solution in the social innovation area, they designed the change for the basketry craft.

The presentation was connected with the project ReCharge “This project has received funding from the European Union’s horizon Europe programme under project Recharge (grant agreement No 101061233).”


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