Future for the Craft – International panel discussion in Lichtenfels

Future for the Craft – International panel discussion in Lichtenfels leaded by Serfenta for ZEF, Korbmarkt Lichtenfels 2022.

International panel discussion “Future for the Craft”

In a changing world where speed counts a craft which nature is slowness must find a place for itself. The Association „Zentrum Europäischer Flechtkultur Lichtenfels e.V.“ (Center of European weaving culture Lichtenfels) – main organiser of the Basketry Fair „Korbmarkt” 2022 – and the Serfenta Association, organiser of the panel discussion, believe in the future of the basketmaking craft. They joined forces and proposed a meeting during 2022 festival in form of international discussion. The subject was shown from a very different geographic perspectives – guests from Germany, Poland, Great Britain and Thailand talked about the situation in their countries.

ZEF Lichtenfels (Manfred Rauch) & Serfenta presents invited panellists

Andreas Hügerich, the First Mayor of Lichtenfels City & Chairman of the Center of European Weaving Culture Lichtenfels.

Hansgert Butterweck, German basket maker and the chairman of German basketmakers association „Verein Flechtwerk“.

Tim Johnson, artist, researcher and basket maker, recently based in Catalonia, Spain.

Alexandra Denes, anthropologist and researcher from the Social Research Institute at Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

Monika Pawłowska from ORSKA, Polish jewellery craft company.

Paulina Adamska & Łucja Cieślar from the Serfenta Association from Poland, authors of business model „From research to Business“ where we connect the traditional craft with business.

MODERATOR: Urszula Szwed, business advisor and new business specialist

WATCH the discussion!

The future – climate changes and sustainable business.

All invited panellists focus on passing on skills to the next generations, but in many different ways. The key words of the meeting were education, climate challenges and sustainable business. The panel discussion „Future of the Craft“ took place 16 September 2022, Friday, during Basketry Fair in Lichtenfels and it was open public. The discussion was held in English with simultaneous translation into German.

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Korbmarkt Flechtkulturfestival

In a previous years for Korbmarkt Flechtkulturfestival in Lichtenfels we organised two exhibitons and program connected with the exhibitios – like workshops.

– Viva Basket! The results of basketry ethnographic research in Norway and Poland

– We weave! The exhibition of traditional and modern basketry products, materials ans new ideas

– a special workshops / craft experience of unique materials and techniques

This time we are preparing the international discussion about he future of craft – especially basketry but not only! After many years of work with craft we’ve got many experiences and ideas which we wanted to share and exchange with our guests.

Lichtenfels Korbmarkt 2022 in the eye of Serfenta/ Future for the craft

Special thanks to Manfred Rauch!


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