Serfenta & Japan – from Cieszyn to Tokyo

Do you know that we sell baskets of Polish masters to Tokyo? Do you know that we wove in Japan? How to say “basket” in Japanese and what letter is not in use in Japanese?

Yes, it’s true, you can find baskets of Polish masters from Serfenta in Tokyo! There are two exceptional places that we are connected to, if you ever go there one day, you have to drop in. “Kago” is “basket” in Japanese – following this trail you can end up in the Kagoamidori shop. There are beautiful baskets from around the world, and among them – baskets of hazel, spruce root and willow from our masters. The second place is Takekagoya, or Ichikawa shop that was established in Tokyo in 1907. Isn’t that great? We found it fantastic! (Do you want to have our baskets in your shop? Write us!)

And now – how has it happen?
We are great lovers of Japanese culture, also because in Japan, there is great respect for the craft and work of hands. It is very dear to us. Following these clues, we met the Japanese Izumi Fujita, who promotes Polish culture in Japan in an amazing way. We also met Tomo Ichikawa and Asako Ito, Japanese people who work with basketry craft.

Asako, in whose shop our baskets are located, during her stay in Poland joined us to visit Polish craftsmen (You can do it with us too! Check how!). In this way, we are now working together for crafts in Poland and Japan.

Izumi, together with a group of Japanese women, also visited our mistress and we wove together in the Polish countryside (You also can come with a group!). It was a fascinating meeting of cultures! She also agreed to appear in a film, along with the kabłącok basket, from the village of Lucimia, which she visited. (See the video!)

Also thanks to this cooperation, Paulina visited Japan and conducted workshops there. (We can also come to you with workshops! Even abroad!) It was an adventure! Did you know that the letter ‘L’ is not used in Japan? So our PauRina was in Japan where she popularized Polish basketry in Kyoto and Osaka as well as Ichinomiya. We dream about going there again.

You want to come and visit Polish masters with us
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You want baskets made by masters in your shop
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write us! Arigato Gozaimasu!


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