Christmas time – Serfenta connects

Maybe sometimes you wonder what our role is during workshops and other activities. We want to tell you about it today because Christmas time is a perfect time to talk about important people and meetings. A master workshop consists of: master/mistress, Serfenta and you – participants. Why have we created such a model after years of work? Various experiences have led to this.

At the beginning, years ago, we put a lot of effort into finding masters of basketry. We traveled, searched, talked. Now you see its beautiful effects, but convincing a basket maket to run workshops or to weave items that we can later show you in our shop – it’s been a long process. Behind the workshops you participate in, there is a story of friendship and trust, many phone conversations and tea drunk together so that we can work with each other.

Products that you see on our website shop also come to us this way – as the result of many years of cooperation and friendship. By buying the products of the masters, you support them and appreciate our work. The work that is often invisible, however without it nothing would happen. We are happy when you do not bypass us, but you understand our role in this cooperation!

Our masters are usually senior and live in small towns and villages. Often they are not teachers nor pedagogues, they are simply masters of their craft who possess amazing skills. Then we appear – Serfenta – with help! We prepare with the basket makers the process in which they can transfer their skills to persons who have a willow rod or other material in their hands for the first time. Sometimes you have to work hard to explain to someone step by step something that you can do well. For this purpose, first we learn from them – so that we can later teach you everything.

We call ourselves liaisons – we create connections between a master and a group of people who want to learn. We organize, prepare and design. Sometimes – we urge and convince a basketmaker that it will be a great experience to meet a group of people from all over Poland and even from around the world. In addition, we take care of the master/mistress, look after her/his rest and good sleep in the spare time. We also provide good remuneration for our mistresses and masters, because we see great value in their work.

At the workshops, we meet fantastic people from various branches – from design, through art to business! We are all connected by curiosity, openness and a desire to learn about crafts and create something with our own hands. We are happy every time we meet you at the workshop. And our masters are so happy! Their and your joy is a great reward.

We wish you a Merry Christmas time with a lot of wonderful meetings! And see you in the Next Year on our basketry workshop, you have to join it! We are going to announce the master workshops soon.


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