Serfenta get a Chance to the Jeonju International Awards (Republic of Korea)

Today we have applied to the Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage. This is an award given every year by South Korea.

When we read the rules, the first thought was – someone wrote it for us. They want to reward exactly these activities we have been conducting for years. Incredible!

We say that we exist so that basketry could live – this is what our work at Serfenta is about, finding connections and transferring skills between generations. Supporting masters – by cooperating with them, finding them students, learning from them, organizing workshops, recording films, documenting and also – selling their unique baskets. Our business model supporting Polish basketry is based on these activities.

We always say that basketry is not just baskets – that’s SKILLS that have been masteredbybasket makers for many years of family history. It’s knowledge about materials and techniques. It’s knowledge when and how to cut, how to prepare, how to turn strongly, how much strength and work to put into the creation of the object. Each basket is created with knowledge and attention. This is what fascinates us, what we document, learn and pass on – so that it does not cease to exist.

Therefore, keep your fingers crossed so that we can stand on the podium in Jeonju, so that our work and cooperation with the champions could be appreciated. We thank the friends from all over the world who gave us their recommendations and warm words about our work so that we could take part in the competition.

Keep fingers crossed!

Thank you! 고맙습니다


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