Special exhibition in Sweden with Finland

We are the part of the exhibition – Finland and Sweden!

An international cooperation again in our Serfenta! This time – with Finland, project 1plus1plus1design

Elina Aalto from Finland was looking for something what we have – a deep knowledge about special basketry materials. This time about roots. And not only knowledge – she was looking for skills which we are transfering from our masters to our modern world.

Our knowledge about basketry materials is special

The final effect is a combination of Elina Aalto ideas with Paulina Adamska experience, knowledre about material and a basketry skills. She prepared a product of spruce roots. We are happy that we can involved also Bartek Juroszek (our master Jan Zogata pupil) and the crafter Norm Tighe – who was learning with our master in our previous projects, like Craft Tour in our area.

The exhibition in Sweden

It will take a part in the exhibition, which will take place in Sweden. It’s initiated and curated by Undeni in Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Sweden.

We are happy to share our knowledge and skills, and excited!

If you also need a part of our knowledge – do not hesitate to contact us!


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