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Webinar Local Economies & Future Markets – Finnish Livind Project

We have had two days of fruitful meetings with the international team! For the first time we have Finland on our basketry map!

We’re so happy because we know Scandinavia quite well, thanks to our research in Norway Drude Isene, Jane Cathrin Særsten Jünger & Sunnhordland Museum and Iceland Guðrún Péturs, but Finland is a new country for us. And Finland fascinates us, so we’re putting it on our must have list! And what happened? We were invited by LIVIND Local Economies & Future Markets https://www.aineetonkulttuuriperinto.fi/en/livind to speak about Serfenta’s business model: From research to business.

From craft research to business

Paulina spoke about how we connect cultural heritage with business, by showing our basketry model to the whole world.We see that the world looks for examples such as ours, because it is a challenge to connect these 2 elements into one. For us it is obvious, it is possible! We are sure that culture and business need to be connected, so we manage all areas of our work with care and responsibility.

We’re on a long and wonderful journey from one person’s passion! Paulina to a well-run enterprise with 6 employees today and Serfenta is even accredited UNESCO organization. We know how to talk about our work, so we do it when we can! Do you want to know our business model better? Feel invited, we will share with you the experience and connect you to the world of intangible heritage!

Serfenta, business & craft and our way for the last 15 years:

  • from a typical ngo to business,
  • from a deep research to the modern needs and services
  • from small town to the whole world
  • from passion and ideas to the real model from intangible culture heritage

Watch the webinar!

150 people from 30 countries was listening and participating! We are proud! Thanks to Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa

Watch the whole webinar and presentations here:


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