Plants weaving – texture, smell, touch and sound

Workshops with natural, plant materials are also an extraordinary experience related to touch and smell, a very physical experience.  Another strength must be put into bending willow twigs, another into the sewing straw with a special iron needle. Do you know that cattail have also a… sound? All this can happen to you if you order from us workshops on basketry materials. We will tell, show, touch, smell, and finally, we will weave and create something special.

A basket is made of willow – the answer is obvious, isn’t it? But that’s not all – we know a lot of other plants, of which we can weave baskets and other miracles in Poland (and not only). How do we know that? We travel thousands of kilometers to know everything about basketry. That is why we also know basketry of roots, wooden stripes or pine needles. We know the awesome properties of bulrush and tricks you can do with it while weaving. We know how to prepare straw to weave baskets of the color and the scent of summer. We know different techniques of weaving and combining materials and we have many curiosities to tell.

And we also have a lot to show – for example, did you ever have Japanese rice straw in your hands? It is wonderful! Or maybe you want to know what pandan is? We have interesting collections from around the world.

After the workshops at the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, we know that this is an interesting affair for art school students, we can also prepare such workshops for any other occasion. For designers, for plant lovers, for artists who look for new areas and who combine techniques.

We are at the height of the season now, straw is just ripening, write to us on any matter regarding workshops or shows. They can take place in Cieszyn, we can also come to your place.



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