In 2009 we set on a journey in search of Polish basket makers. We travelled across thousands of kilometres, starting from the area by the Vistula river and continuing to other regions of Poland: Podlasie, Kaszuby, Wielkopolska, Podkarpacie. In 2011 we began to cross the borders – we found basket makers in the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, and Iceland.

We’ve discovered that basketry is still alive! Craftspeople use various materials to weave, such as willow, straw, bulrush (cattail), pine and spruce roots, tree bark, oak, hazelnut, calamus, and many others. Read more about Polsh basketry in our book!

We met over 100 basket makers who shared their knowledge and experience with us, their new apprentices. We spent hours talking with them and learning from them. The expeditions resulted in the book entitled On the basketry trail of the Vistula river, how-to videos, and exhibitions. In our shop, you can buy unique objects made by Polish basket makers.

If you want us to visit your region, your family, your basket making neighbour – contact us!


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