Serfenta Association was founded more than 16 years ago. In this time, we have crossed thousands of kilometres to learn everything there is about basketry – both in Poland and around the world. Our goal is to preserve the tradition and wisdom passed from generation to generation. 

We focus not just on preserving intangible heritage but on making it vivid, attractive, and useful to modern people. That is why we have an open approach to craft: we concentrate not only on the product itself but also on all the benefits that the experience of weaving can give people today. We treat tradition and traditional skills as an essential starting point for seeking new ways of development. We have experience in designing modern craft products and services. We have created our own model of working with intangible cultural heritage: “Innovation Model of Craft Revitalisation”. We have also launched the Craft Tour: a product drawing from intangible cultural heritage. Serfenta holds a strong position in the market as one of the few Polish organisations which have undergone the economisation process and is now able to function independently, without relying on grants.




Craft Tour Roots of Poland

We will take you into the heart of Polish nature and craft.

Audiovisual Archive

Check our archive - movies and pictures of genuine craft

Basketry workshops

We run basketry workshops for organised groups. Order at your place or visit us!

Shop – baskets from Poland

You’ll find beautiful woven objects here – come in and see!