Zogata – root basket

It is a beautiful carefully handmade object in which tradition and modernity meet. It will perfectly match modern interiors. You can store cosmetics, jewellery, or pencils in it. It is made of a unique material, acquired in a difficult and mysterious way – spruce root. It has been made in the mountainous area of southern Poland, in the workshop of Jan, aged 74, during long hours of meticulous work. By purchasing this product, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

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diameter x height

Additional informationMaterial: spruce roots, ash and beech wood
In a set, one basket can be put inside another.
Place of origin: Silesian Beskid
Author: Jan, aged 74
Due to being handmade, the products’ sizes may differ by about 1 cm from those presented in the catalogue.

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This outstanding master basket baker is a specialist in spruce roots. In fact, he knows all the secrets of wood. His baskets contain woodwork elements of ash and beech. Jan says his basketry passion is addictive like a drug. As a person, he is a warm-hearted and friendly highlander from the region of the Silesian Beskid mountains – we are even allowed to call him our “uncle”!

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