How to make a baskets of hazel wood with our traditional master in his workshop in a small Polish village ? How to create a spruce root basket? How to sew straw with a spiral technique?

If you want to visit us and spend some time with Polish basketry masters learning how to weave in a traditional way – write us! We are friends for so many years that we know each other very well and we can take you for an amazing trip. You can see there also Polish traditions, you can try Polish traditional food and spend time with us and our masters. You will never forget their smiles and hospitality!

If you want to organize a unique workshop of tradition and handicraft in your institution, guesthouse, or another place – contact us!  We can also prepare a workshop for you here in our basketry center in Cieszyn. The instructors are Serfenta team and masters of basketry, people who have learned their skills from their ancestors. This way, they’ve got a chance to get into the modern market.

We organize also ethnographic field research for scientific as well as marketing and business purposes. In 2011 one of our projects – “On the basketry trail of the Vistula river” – won the “Folk Oscar” for the best research project. We were also awarded the Polish National Commission for UNESCO Certificate of Appreciation



Our team

Our team is an experienced research group comprised of anthropologists, pedagogues, and documentarians. We work with high-quality recording equipment.


Social studies

Ethnography is a study of people’s life, their material, social, and spiritual culture. It examines people in their natural habitats: at home, at work, in their local environment.

Ethnography is also a very effective method of social studies – thanks to it, the acquired knowledge can be based on qualitative data. Ethnographic field research guarantees objectivity, an unbiased description of a situation, authenticity, deepened characterisation, and a comprehensive perspective.

Ethnography and business

The methodology of ethnographic research is focused on field research, including in-depth interviews, personal questionnaires – adjusted to individual needs, and participant observations. Basing on the collected data and analysing the acquired documents, we prepare a report.

In business, ethnographic research results can be used, for instance, to test new products or services.

Because every project is different, the research is priced individually.

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