Kabłącok from Lucimia

A traditional basket with an unusual half-round shape, made on a frame called kabłąk. Thanks to its flat back, you can rest it against the wall; it is also great for carrying things. The basket looks beautiful in a garden, orchard, pantry, or in a flat, serving e.g. as a toy box. The baskets are made in Lucimia, a unique basketry village in central Poland. This one has been made for us by Teodozja, aged 71, who has spent many hours working on it. To make a basket like this, you need a lot of practice and special tools.

We are proud to announce that along with the local community of the village of Lucimia in Poland, we have succeeded in including the skill of weaving the Lucimia kabłącok basket on the Polish List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Now you can be the owner of the only basket that has ever been on that list!

By purchasing this product, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

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length x width x height

Additional informationMaterial: unbarked willow in natural colour
Place of origin: Radom region
Authors: basket makers from Lucimia
Due to being handmade, the products’ sizes may differ by about 1 cm from those presented in the catalogue.

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the author of this product?

Teodozja, Henryk, Łukasz, Adrian, Jan, Józef, and other basket makers from Lucimia

These basket makers from Lucimia, a basketry village situated right by the Vistula river, weave from fresh, green willow. Lucimia is where our long adventure with handicraft started: we’ve got many friends there and and Teodozja, for friends Todzia, is the best of them.

Basket making in Lucimia follows the natural cycle: all the handicraft works begin in autumn and continue through winter to spring, that is when willow is not growing and can be used for weaving.

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