The Viva Basket! exhibition conquers the world! Bratislava, Slovakia.

Our exhibition of Polish & Norwegian basketry – Viva Basket! is shown in Bratislava! It will be exposed there for 3 months thanks to ÚĽUV Gallery. You will see there beautiful photos, unusual baskets and other woven products from Poland and Norway.

Serfenta is proud and very pleased with this cooperation. The ÚĽUV Gallery and the Polish Institute in Bratislava are involved in our Slovak edition. By the way, we are sending warm greetings to our partners and friends from Norway, Sore Skogen and Sunnhordland Museum, with whom we worked together to create this exhibition in 2015!

The impulse for its conception was the belief that the work of hands can bring a unique pleasure of creation. WHY DO YOU WEAVE? – We asked this question to the artists and basketmakers involved in the project Viva Basket!

The answers focused on the need and pleasure of using our hands. We encourage you to watch the film, where Anne, a Norwegian, tells that “she has to do it”, and a Polish basketmaker Jan claims that “weaving is like a drug”.

From 14.02. until the end of May, we encourage you to visit Viva Basket!/Slava Kosikom! in the ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava. An additional attraction will be our basketry show run by Polish and Slovak artisans on 18th of May – be there! The ÚĽUV Gallery is a great place for all crafts enthusiasts!

Curator of exhibition: Paulina Adamska

Designed by: Dinksy.

Photographers: Rafał Soliński, Piotr Chlipalski, Paulina Adamska.


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