A unique capacious trinket box which smells like nature. It is made of handcut straw. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, hall, or office. It combines functionality and interesting design. It provides a natural alternative to mass-produced plastic boxes. It has been made by Jadwiga, aged 72, and her son Krzysztof – basket makers from the region of Podlasie. By purchasing this product, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

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Price 79 pln125 pln149 pln


bottom diameter x maximum diameter

Additional informationThe product contains a lid with a handle.
Material: rye straw
Place of origin: Podlasie region
Authors: Jadwiga, aged 72, and her son Krzysztof
Due to being handmade, the products’ sizes may differ by about 1 cm from those presented in the catalogue.

Do you want to know who is

the author of this product?

Jadwiga and Krzysztof

They are a close-knit family duo weaving strawballs. When we visit them, they always find some time for us. They are happy to talk to us about straw and reveal some secrets of the techniques used for making their products. Theirs may be one of the most primeval basket making methods: you can encounter it in the region of Podlasie in Poland. Jadwiga and Krzysztof use a special needle to weave with decorative knots: the needle is made in the workshop in Cieszyn.

,,Serfenta is an exceptional project integrating generations, combining local patriotism, respect and creative attitude towards crafts, and the ideas of sustainable consumption and slow fashion.,,

Ewa Sośnicka