This is a really exceptional basket in our collection! There are no two identical siwok baskets – each one is absolutely unique. It is very difficult to make – the material used, oak splints, must be heated in an oven until flexible. Siwok is the stronger brother of łopołka. Only one tool is needed to make it – a knife. The basket is extremely durable and has a classic shape. Thanks to its handle, it will serve perfectly for shopping or picking fruits and vegetables, it can be also used as a container for everyday objects at your place.

During one year, its creators – master Józef and his grandson Marcin – make just several baskets. It takes two days to weave one! By purchasing this product, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

If you’d like to get some more details or place an order – call us or write us! Due to the basket’s uniqueness, we can give you information about the currently available sizes when you contact us.

Łucja Cieślar will answer all your questions:

tel.: +48 507 292 666

Price 219 pln349 pln599 pln


length x width x height (dimensions without the handle)

Additional informationMaterial: oak bent in fire
Place of origin: Eastern Małopolska
Authors: Józef and his grandson Marcin
Due to the handmade nature of the product, only approximate sizes are provided (each basket may vary slightly).

Do you want to know who is

the author of this product?

Józef and Marcin

Józef and his grandson Marcin are the last remaining master basket makers who weave the unique łopołka oak baskets. Just like hazel, oak wood is heated in an oven before weaving and then split into smaller parts. The wood is slightly pink and extremely durable. Master Józef remembers his father standing on the baskets he made to prove their strength. He is one of the greatest craftsmen we met on our basketry tour.

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Ewa Sośnicka