Bowl for herbs

The bowl is perfect to pick and dry herbs. It is made by means of the “sewing” technique with handcut rye straw. Nowadays, they still delight with their natural beauty. However, there are but a few people left who know how to make them.  It is visually attractive and practical and it can serve as a natural touch in a modern apartment or office. It has been made in the workshop of master Mikołaj, a basket maker from Podlasie.

By purchasing this product, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

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Price 115 pln
Additional informationMaterial: rye straw, willow or hazel stripes
Place of origin: Podlasie region
Author: Zoja, aged 66

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She is a master basket maker weaving from straw. Zoja comes from the region of Podlasie where the Belarusian language is commonly spoken. Many families living there create straw objects using the spiral sewing method. This is one of the most basic and universal ways of weaving which can be found all over the world. To do it, you need handcut earless rye straw, willow splints, and a needle, which has been specially designed by Serfenta.

,,Serfenta is an exceptional project integrating generations, combining local patriotism, respect and creative attitude towards crafts, and the ideas of sustainable consumption and slow fashion.,,

Ewa Sośnicka