Moominmamma’s handbag

An elegant bag made of an unusual material – bulrush (cattail). It is fashionably shaped, prettily honey-coloured, and neatly shaped. Moreover, it has extraordinary properties – it is waterproof and very durable. There are only three people in Poland using bulrush to weave. This bag is made by Helena, aged 72, from the region of Lublin. By purchasing these products, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

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Price 269 pln
Additional informationMaterial: bulrush (cattail)
Place of origin: Lublin region
Author: Helena, aged 72

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Master Helena is one of the leading basket makers working with cattail in Poland. She has been doing this professionally practically all her life. She cuts and prepares the material herself and then weaves, using wooden moulds. During our research trips, we called her “The Queen of Cattail” – her artisanship totally earned her that name!

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Ewa Sośnicka