Fruit baskets

Delicate and light baskets in traditional shapes made of pine stripes. Their beautiful straw colour will nicely decorate your room. Their designs and looks bring to mind the smell of strawberries and fresh bread. The fruit baskets are woven by Teresa and Zbigniew from Małopolska. By purchasing this product, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.

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Price 69 pln69 pln45 pln


length x width x height

Additional informationMaterial: pine stripes
Available in various shapes and sizes – take a look at the pictures!
Place of origin: Małopolska
Authors: Zbigniew and Teresa

Do you want to know who is

the author of this product?

Teresa and Zbigniew

They own a family company specialising in thin wood splints usually carved of pine or spruce. Hand planes were used to prepare them in the past, but now the production is based on mechanical devices. In the workshop of Teresa and Zbigniew there is always a pleasant smell and we can choose the most beautiful products for ourselves.

,,Serfenta is an exceptional project integrating generations, combining local patriotism, respect and creative attitude towards crafts, and the ideas of sustainable consumption and slow fashion.,,

Ewa Sośnicka