Weave it yourself is a series of how-to DVDs: master basket makers, traditional folk artists present the methods of creating particular baskets and other objects. The tutorials can be used for self-learning, as they show the whole process step by step. Thanks to the videos, everyone can learn to weave on their own. And if you already know how to do it – you can learn some new techniques and regional methods!

The complete set consists of 2 boxes with 2 films.

Box 1 – films 1, 2.

Video 1. Fruit basket
Weaving a traditional basket with a round base made of green willow. Basing on this technique, you can weave other shapes of baskets too. The basket is presented by Grzegorz Gordat from the region of Lublin, who has already gained the title of the master of tradition despite his young age.
Duration: 73 minutes
Video 2. Bulrush shopping basket
A basket bag made of an unusual material – bulrush, also called cattail (Typha latifolia). This object is typical of the region of Lublin. It is presented by the master of tradition Helena Rogala.
Duration: 66 minutes

Box 2 – films 3, 4.

Video 3. Kabłącok basket
This basket has an unusual shape – semicircular with a flat wall, supported by a bow, made of unbarked willow. Baskets of this type are woven in the extraordinary basketry village of Lucimia. The basket is present by the basket maker Czesław Kostka.
Duration: 56 minutes
Video 4. Straw basket
Sewing with rye straw is a typical technique in the region of Podlasie. The instructions presented in the video help you create straw baskets, mats, vases, bowls, and plates. The technique is presented by the master of tradition Zoja Majstrowicz.
Duration: 58 minutes

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Additional informationProduction: Serfenta Association
Camera and editing: Krystian Pisowicz
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English
Medium: DVD

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