Product of the Month: Cattail shopper

Some time ago, in our minds there was a crazy idea, to change a little bit the aesthetics of the bag without changing the pattern. And we decided to make it different with a colorful textil from a little commerce – thanks to Ušité!  Now we are glad with the results.

We offer you two different types of textil – one has flowers, perfect for those spring dresses that all we have and the other one sea patterns that can match with any summer clothes or perfect for a beach. As we like this idea, we hope that you also will.

This textil can fit with the “Cattail shopper”. This bag is made of an unusual material, bulrush (also called cattail), and has a beautiful pattern characteristic for the region of Lublin and it is perfect for the beach, picnic, shopping or Mother’s Day gifts. It’s lightweight, durable, handy and waterproof.

The bags in our offer have been woven by the last remaining masters from that area, Helena.

In 2007, this city joined the group of Polish cities as candidates for the title of European Capital of Culture. No wonder – the province is full of traditional artisans and there is an excellent craft event in Lublin, The Jagiellonian Fair.

We will be pleased if you tell us your opinion about the bag or order you own lining:

Buy the cattail shopper here!

And remember: By purchasing these products, you support local basket makers and help protect Polish craft.


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