Love in Serfenta

Our association connects people! We, three girls, who work here day by day are already connected together and woven with other basketmakers, designers and clients. But Serfenta also connects people in beautiful, long lasting pairs!

Let’s meet Laura and Wojtek. Laura arrived to Cieszyn in 2017 from Spain to take part in European Voluntary Service. She was here whole year, supporting us in many activities, using her language skills – English and Spanish.

We quickly discovered her manual talent, that’s why Laura ran basketry workshops and few orders. Do you know, we realize big sculptures made of willow? Laura helped with our favourite one – a wicker cat! As a volunteer she also took part in the Gdynia Design Days 2017 Festival, where we presented the Weaves on the wave exhibition. Work in Serfenta means travels, variety and interesting challenges!

At the time we became good friends and Laura liked Cieszyn so much, that she decided to stay here longer. But the main reason is… love! She is involved with Wojtek, skateboard instructor and future PhD of cultural anthropology. Now, they are traveling between Poland and Spain, but Laura plans to cooperate with us longer.

We recommend you cooperation and volunteering in the Serfenta Association, as you can see, it brings a lot of good effects! This is what we wish you in New Year 2019!


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