Black Friday and Serfenta raises prices? Crazy!

Yes, today is the Black Friday and ind our shop a revolution get started – but we don’t reduce prices. Why we are not going in a common direction of “sales” and “discounts’?

In a short answer – it’s your fault. And we really want to say: thank you! For all opinions you gave us about our prices. This year was a test year, the year of consultations, exchange the ideas and taking of a pulse. And really often we are answering questions: why it is so expensive?

Then we are started the story about a basketmaker, master or mistress, who learned his skills from his grandfather, and now he/she has to collect the material by hands, to dry it, to clean it and finally to weave it. Then someone can understand the price. Sometimes not – because we are used to craft prices – you can buy now really cheap products for example from Asia. There is nothing wrong with products from Asia, also basketmakers make it, but are you sure, that they have a good salary…? And we have less and less Polish basketmakers every year.

You also give as a comments and opinions which makes us feel better, like from followers of Eliza from  WhitePlate (she wrote about our Strawball) „8 hours of work and it cost 49 zł? I feel it is worthy more!”, „It istn’t good salary for so long work”, „this is so beautiful and nice that you write about author but the price is a penny”.

So you can see it! How wonderful! You really see hours of basketmakers work and also our, Serfenta’s work, hidden in a Strawball, Kabłącok or Shopper. You can’t image how important it is for us. About the whole way from straw to a ready product in your home – we will tell you another time.

We exist so that basketry could live. When craft can live? When basketmakers weave. When someone visits their houses and talk with them (that’s our job) and finally buy their products (that’s you!) We want to pay them more and activate them – so also we are organized workshops with them or other events. So YOU are really important in that process. If you put a pretty Strawball on your table there is a good thought from you and us to mistress Jadzia. This basket can serve you for years and it is a reward for you for your time and energy. You have to give it from you to find it and us in the Internet and buy it.

That’s why we raised prices today in our shop. Maybe it it not in a main mood in the Black Friday. But it is the way to support crafters and appreciate handwork, and also to buy in a responsible way.

Thank you for being with us!


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